Wiktionary:In 't nuujs versjèl tösje versies

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Hello, sorry for writting in English. This is to inform you of the discussion [https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Stewards%27_noticeboard&diff=19818418&oldid=19818417#li.wiktionary here] on meta. Apparently based on the activity tool, some of your admins are [https://tools.wmflabs.org/meta/stewardry/liwiktionary?sysop=1 inactive for more than 8/10 years]. I understand you have a local policy saying a vote will be done to determine if their admin status should be retained or not? Can we know more about the local inactivity process? Thanks much.--[[Gebroeker:Camouflaged Mirage|Camouflaged Mirage]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Camouflaged Mirage|euverlègk]]) 18 fib 2020 09:36 (UTC)
:In our policy, admins keep their status regardless of activity. Inactivity can however be a valid reason to hold a vote for removal of admin access. In case of Tvdm, it would make sense to revoke his access as he is inactive. Steinbach however is still very much active on wikipedia and has indicated earlier on his wish to retain the rights. --[[Gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|Ooswesthoesbes]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|euverlègk]]) 18 fib 2020 18:32 (UTC)