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Please don't remove correct interwikis of categories. --[[Gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|Ooswesthoesbes]] 10 apr 2010 15:36 (UTC)
:You mean ml.wikt interwikis? Problem is their category namespace changed yesterday (as well as and they have been changing things around. In Wikipedia, bot operators are having the same problem: links are invalid in one moment and are valid the next one. But don't worry: even if they are removed, I am already processing the ml wikis directly to make sure the correct interwikis are put (same or changed) everywhere again. Cheers, [[Gebroeker:MalafayaBot|MalafayaBot]] 10 apr 2010 19:00 (UTC)
::No, I meant the kw-interwikis. --[[Gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|Ooswesthoesbes]] 10 apr 2010 19:02 (UTC)