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Shouldn't this be Classical Nahuatl? And shouldn't Category:Azdieëksj waordj be interwiki-linked to Nahuatl macrolanguage instead of Classical? Malafaya (euverlègk) 9 jun 2013 17:41 (UTC)

PS: There's Template:nah and Template:nci with the same text. Malafaya (euverlègk) 9 jun 2013 17:44 (UTC)
This template is already Classical Nahuatl (Azdieëksj) and not the language family (Nachoewattèl). The category is linked correctly.
We don't have any entrees in macrolanguages, so therefore -nah- will not interefere with -nci-. The can be used interchangeably for Classical Nahuatl. The reason is because the -nah- template is older, and easier to remember :) --Ooswesthoesbes (euverlègk) 10 jun 2013 08:35 (UTC)
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